Golf, Estate & Utility Vehicles
Xenium Carts for Fun & Field

Xenium offers options for sports enthusiasts, hunting clubs and acreage owners. Out in the barn, down at the lake, through the fields and woods, these carts are durable and fun.

Golf / Utility Cart Features:
~48 Volts
~5.5 HP Motor with Regenerative Braking
~Curtis 400 Amp Controller
~6 volt T-605 Trojan Battery
~36 V,20 Amp or 48V, 25 Amp Charger
~Foldable rear seat for equipment, game or cargo
~Lighting Package (Front, Rear & Turn Signal Lights ~with Horn)
~Front and Top Baskets
~Available in 9 Automotive Colors with Clear Coat
~25 X 10-12 Tires
~Center Storage Box
~Reverse Warning Indicator
~One Year Warranty
  Xenium 3.06
Xenium Fun and Field Cart for hunting and pleasure
Xenium 2.66 (lifted)


Color Choices:
~Dark Green
~Police Blue
~26 Custom Colors Available

Upholstery Options:

Upgradeable Features:
~Camoflague Paint Scheme
~25 X 10-10 Tires
~Interior and Experior Rear View Mirrors
~Clear or tineted split windshield
~Wood Grain Dashboard and Seatbacks
~Seat Belts
~Divided 3 Section Tray for Under Seats

  Xenium 7.07 FunSport & Utility


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